To Go Menu

Dinner To Go & Virtual Farmer’s Market

Available Wednesday – Sunday for carryout and curbside pickup 5pm-8:30pm

First Course

Red Snapper Bisque
Fish and lobster stock pureed with celery, tomato, light cream, basil, thyme, onions, and butter
Green Garlic Soup
Green top garlic soup, chicken and pork stock, cream
Parsnip Soup
Parsnips, foie gras, chicken stock, tarragon, shallots cream, butter
Asparagus and Gem Lettuce Salad with Onsen Egg
Chervil Dressing. Egg will be sent cold and in the shell. Crack it on to the salad after you have dressed the frisée.
Asparagus Soup
Dashi, tarragon, shallots, cream. Thin and rich. Packed warm for safety reasons. Please reheat and eat right away to keep the color pretty.
Filipino Style Spring Rolls
Mostly pork with sweet Thai chile sauce. A light pan fry will make them crispy again if they get soggy on the drive home.

Main Courses

Roast Whole Chicken
With roasted potatoes, arugula shallots. Serves 2 to 3 people. This dish takes a solid hour to cook so please order it at least 90 minutes prior to pick up.
Tonkatsu with Ponzu Sauce
Fried Pork Striploin with Caraflex cabbage Salad
Orecchiette with Maitake in a Chardonnay Sauce
Mushrooms, cream, Grana Padano, chardonnay sauce
Beef Strip Loin with Rutabaga Gratin
8oz beef strip loin served with butter-sautéed sugar snap peas and rutabaga gratin
Duck Confit with Tarbais Beans
Duck leg, cured and cooked slowly

Fresh Produce

Beer & Cider

Draft Beer (1qt)$6.00
Draft Beer (1pt)$3.00
Bottles and Cans$2.00
6-pack Bpottles and Cans$12.00
Narraganset Tall Boy 6-pack$6.00

Liquor Store, White Wine, Red Wine

Please visit our page on Tock, select a date and pick-up time, and click on “Search Reservations” or “Order Now” for the full list of our available liquors, white wines, and red wines. You can also download the Tock app for iPhone and Android.

Important Note: we cannot sell any alcohol without food purchase, at least one food/produce item must be added to the order. Pick ups must be made by people 21 years old or older.

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